Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle!


Want to know what to do with those dark, leafy greens?  Need to restore balance in your busy life?  Struggling with cravings?  Challenged with making nutritious meals the whole family will love?

Tri Embrace is a company created by three women who celebrate real food, real balance and real living.  We live in a world where the relationship between food and lifestyle is significantly out of balance yet the two have a tremendous impact on our overall health and happiness.  Tri Embrace is dedicated to educating, empowering and inspiring people to make healthy, sustainable changes in their lives.

We are advocates for home cooking, eating seasonally and locally, engaging in physical activity and nurturing ourselves as we try to maintain healthy, balanced lives.  We believe balance in your life brings balance to your plate so we don't shun carbs or meat, or the occasional sweet. Understanding the healing nature of nutrient-dense food is a life skill everyone should acquire –Tri Embrace provides a supportive, enriching environment for you to create and EMBRACE a healthy lifestyle.

How would YOU like to embrace a healthy lifestyle?  Click here to see how Tri Embrace can help you thrive!